Consulting Services

Bluebeaks provides Digital Transformation Consulting Services in Digital Marketing and Digital Analytics for Brands and Businesses. The Consulting Services are often perceived as a conglomerate of advise and implementation. But, this is not true. The advisory section and the implementation section are the different kinds of consulting services. The Implementation consulting service offers the work force required to accomplish the application of the counsel received by the client. The advisory consulting service is guiding or counseling the client. Bluebeaks offers the Advisory Section of Consulting Services to the clients.

Digital Transformation is the need of the hour in businesses. To keep up with the technology advances, especially in IT, there is a need for businesses to take up the digital model in order to leverage the pool of opportunities accompanied by it. With business being the central subject, such transformation can rather be termed as Digital Business Transformation.


Digital Transformation brings with it variety of opportunities to boost the business. One of them is Digital Marketing.  What sets Digital Marketing apart from Traditional Marketing is the ability to reach a wider market actively, within a shorter duration using the digital medium. Moreover, Digital Marketing offers competitive advantage for Brand Awareness using Social Media as an internet-based tool. In fact, it extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback and on-hold mobile ring tones. Few of the Digital marketing techniques are content marketing, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing and e-commerce marketing, social media marketing.

Digital Analytics is another form of Digital Transformation. After having reached out to the market for the business, customer feedback comes next on the to-do list. Digital Analytics helps businesses analyse their digital outcomes. This assists in understanding customer behavior more closely, besides engagement of customers. Collection, measurement, analysis, visualization and interpretation of digital data are its fundamental features .

Digital Transformation Consulting & Training Services