Doctor Online Medinook

Medinook renders providers and consumers of healthcare services, a socially engaging and financially rewarding platform. This is achieved through use of internet and mobile technology. Health 2.0 principles and concepts are the foundation of Medinook. Moreover, it gives a platform for patients to get quick and accurate consultation from a doctor online.

Medinook provides a platform where users can interact with a doctor online – physicians and practitioners from diverse areas of conventional and alternate medicines through emails, text chats and video chats. The providers of health services are remunerated for their discussions and advice. Users can also ask quick queries to physicians and other Medinookers. They can direct such queries to the right communities from where they can expect fast and timely replies. Users can store their medical records in a secure manner to facilitate their discussions with the physicians and practitioners.

Besides giving inputs to health queries from users through email, text chat and video chat, the providers of health services can share knowledge and information amongst themselves and enrich each other’s experience through emails, text chats and video chats. Medinook provides an excellent platform to such providers of healthcare services to increase and advertise their online presence. Also, Medinook’s unique algorithm makes the participative and performing providers of healthcare services in Medinook appear prominently in Medinook’s Leaderboard.